8 Keys

to Establishing Your Brand

As a Go-To Thought Leader

You are an expert in your field,

and you want to share your expertise, hobbies, passions, and knowledge with more and more people.

There are so many ways to have your voice heard, from podcasts to panels, lunch-and-learns, to fireside chats and industry/resource group events.

The question is:

How do you get them to invite YOU to share your story?

I've been on hundreds of stages, podcasts, webinars, the news, TED talks, speaking at conferences, and more...

and I've learned an important secret:

Expertise is not enough.

It might get you invited once, but being interesting and charismatic when you speak gets you invited back.

After over 20 years of speaking around the world,

I’ve cracked the code.

I’ve distilled it down to 8 Keys to establish your brand as a go-to thought leader, and I want to share those with you. 

The 8 Keys will unlock the door to becoming

known as the person everyone wants to listen to as an expert, who is also interesting and keeps people coming back for more.

Click the button below to receive a free copy of my 8 Keys and a link to watch a free webinar if you'd like me to walk you through those 8 Keys with a bit more detail so you know exactly how to get it done.

I'll demystify the process and show you the fastest route to success.


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